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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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» When there are signs of life away from home from Trompe L'oeil
Mr.Brown manages a very short twirl about clever layout and poster design, but also sticks an accusing finger at the complacency displayed by the able-bodied. It made me smile. And then my eyes fell upon one of the comments below that post... [Read More]

» Fare hike from pics and titbits
Mr Brown noticed that public transport fare hike was posted with a gentle "fare adjustment" phrase. In fact, the public transport company even managed to highlight the amazing "benefits" of increased fare.... [Read More]

» A Tale of Two Cities Public Transport from ringisei | リンギセイ
Public transport is a topic that is often guaranteed to raise grumbles at best among its users. Grumbles then often intensify into hue and cry when fares are raised or, as we say in Sg, adjusted (noted by mrbrown). And judging by the ... [Read More]


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