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Monday, October 10, 2005


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» the mrbrown show episode gets 10,000 40,000 downloads! from mrbrown: L'infantile terrible of Singapore
Just fyi. the 10th October 2005 Zhng My Car episode of the mrbrown show hit 10,000 downloads as of Sunday, 23rd October 2005 40,000 as of Wednesday 9 Nov 2005! 10,204 to be exact. And probably more over the next [Read More]

» Smell My Car Zhng from kennysia.com
Download the mrbrown show Podcast (guest-starring Kenny Sia): "Zhng My Car - Part 2" (MP3, 6.9MB, 19m48s) I'm a big fan of the mrbrown show. In case you've been living under the rock, Mr Brown is one of Singaporean blogosphere's... [Read More]

» Mr Brown Show- Zhng My Car from
A mock Singapore version of the popular show Pimp My Ride. I wont want to give my car to this guy to mod. [Read More]


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