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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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» I AM A SINGAPOREAN from earthdust and stardust
My name is Timothy aka Ting Teck Wee, I do not have a choice in where I borned but I AM A SINGAPOREAN. [Read More]

» I am Singaporean from a gecko's tale
I am a Singaporean. I grew up in a shophouse first, then as a heartlander in a HDB flat. But I also remember my kampung days back at the sua teng. My native language is English, Not some Mother Tongue called Mandarin Because my parents co... [Read More]

» I Am Singaporean from t3htarik - The usual tea mix of daily bites
People start to remember me when i make it good outside the country. [Read More]

» Ten Reasons Why I Am Singaporean from Celluloid Reality(s)
Well, I planned to set out twenty reasons, however, for the life of me, I only could ratch up ten reasons. [Read More]

» I am Singaporean from Decay On Net
My name is DK! And I am Singaporean! [Read More]

» I am Singaporean from Last days of my youth...
I love music and had the talent to go far if I were to pursue my passion but was molded into believing that giving up academic pursue for music was pure stupidity. [Read More]

» I am Singaporean (Ronnie's Version) from Ronnie's Runway ?????
My name is Ronnie Ng, my blog-name is Crumpiteer & I am a Singaporean... [Read More]

» I am Singaporean from My Bitching Area
I am still waiting for the day when I'll be decriminalised. I am Wolfgang and I am a gay Singaporean. So say we all! [Read More]

» I am Singaporean. from neither a bird nor a fruit.
National Day is arriving, and mrbrown has started off a series of podcasts for the occasion. The podcasts which really moved my heart and triggered an uprising sense of patriotism in me even without watching any NDP. Since I aint blessed with sp... [Read More]

» I Am Singaporean from Summer Punch!
Before I start my entry about being a Singaporean, allow me to celebrate Italys victory in World Cup. Yippee! Hooray! Ok, the celebration just ended. I hope Zidane will give an explanation about his headbutt soon. It was really sho... [Read More]


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