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Monday, July 03, 2006


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» Entertainment from Airhole
People ask me what I do for entertainment nowadays. You like CSI? Maybe Desperate Housewives? Got new show coming out, called Ghost Whisperer leh, Jennifer Love Hewitt acting leh! Sadly, these lukewarm dramas are not really entertainment ... [Read More]

» Singapore condemns blogger for expressing opinions from Boing Boing
Geekgeek says, "mr brown" [Ed.: aka Lee Kin Mun], Singapore's most famous blogger, has been writing a weekly column for a local Singaporean newspaper called "Today". Recently, one of his columns was more anti-establishment than the powers-that-rule lik... [Read More]

» Brown-out TODAY from e pur si muove
Who didnt see this coming? mrbrown just mentioned how his column at TODAY has been suspended, after his latest column precipitated a vitriolic response from MICA. What was the famous column about? The title Sporeans are fed, up wi... [Read More]

» A new low. from jim's backlogs
this resulted in this, causing this.... [Read More]

» Blogger criticado por expressar a sua opinião from e-direito.com
Lee Kin Mun, mais conhecido como mr brown, é o autor de um dos mais populares blogues de Singapura. De tal modo que o jornal diário Today, propriedade do grupo Mediacorp Press, parcialmente controlado pelo Estado, o convidou para escrever uma coluna ... [Read More]

» Propaganda Department's New Branch from Letters from China
Singapore UPDATE 1:Singaporean Nanny bans mr brown's subversive column; Asia Pundit is calling on a Four Million (Middle) Fingers campaign to celebrate the resolute action. * * * Singaporean government gives mr brown a lecture on writing commentary:mr ... [Read More]

» links for 2006-07-07 from medmusings
mrbrown gets canned for this post: L'infantile terrible of Singapore: TODAY: S'poreans are fed, up with progress! (tags: singapore politics blogger) PAMF eHealthNews: SMA (shared medical appointments), EHR, Fremont (tags: PAMF newsletter) Steven R. La... [Read More]

» Bloggers in Singapore from James Seng's Blog
It started with a innocently with a usual humor piece by mrbrown titled S'poreans are fed, up with progress! on his weekly Friday column on Tod [Read More]

» Singaporean Bloggers from jckchung
Singaporean Bloggers Muzzled? [Read More]

» Relentlessly criticize Mr. Brown from Imagethief
This page would like to congratulate the government of Singapore for taking prompt action to rein in... [Read More]

» At least we're not Singapore part 237,402 from Simon World
While it's easy to get carried away with the lamentable state of media in Hong Kong, we must always remember one thing: at least we're not in Singapore. Mr Brown is a popular Singaporean blogger and newspaper columnist. He's been writing for over 10 ye... [Read More]

» Rising Prices and Widening Income Gap from All and Sundry Singapore
The onslaught of globalisation has caused many who are older, unemployed, less educated and less privileged to become the state’s rising disenchanted in an environment of rising costs and widening income gap. [Read More]


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