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I, mrbrown, am the accidental author of a popular Singapore website,, that has been documenting the dysfunctional side of Singapore life since 1997.

When not writing, I play Xbox Live, PC games, World of Warcraft, DoTA, Team Fortress 2, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter on PS3, watch too many movies and anime, buy too many gadgets, rear fish, make photos, and ride my bicycles.

I have known my wife for more than 20 years and we live in an HDB Flat (apartment: public housing) in the heartlands of Singapore. We have three children, Faith who is ten and autistic, Isaac, who is eight years old, and Joy, six, the littlest.

I ride to work daily. I own six bicycles.

My main bicycle is a blue Dahon Mu P24 folding bicycle. I ride it most often and it is a workhorse. It has a Radius VRO handle post, Syntace VRO clamps, Syntace alloy handlebar, Pazzaz carbon seat post, and Ergon grips.

I also own a 1960s vintage Columbia Sports tourer frame (green, Made in Birmingham, England, found brand new) built up with new old parts like a 1978 Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub, 1970s MKS Quill 2k pedals, Cherry brakes, Brooks B-17 Special green saddle and Brooks D-Shaped Bicycle Tool/Saddle Bag.

And also a 1970s vintage Kuwahara 12-speed racing bike (silver) built up with new vintage Shimano parts, Brooks saddle and white Maxxis Re-fuse tires.

I also have a Bike Friday Carbon Drive Tikit, silent and quick.

My other foldie is a Pacific Cycles CarryMe Dual Speed (silver), upgraded with Dahon Biologic saddle and grips.

Lastly, I have a green Brompton M6R, that folds in the most elegant way.

Most of my bicycles have racks, and I own 2 sets of panniers (a pair of cheapo Lotus ones and a pair of yellow Ortlieb Back Roller Classics). My bicycle luggage pretty much covers all my carrying needs. I usually strap a Domke F6 sling bag or a Kata Sensitivity V backpack to my rack now.

My primary lighting comes from a pair of Fenix L2D Premium Q5 flashlights which give a maximum of 180 lumens of light each, and a helmet-mounted Fenix P2D flashlight which can crank out another 180 lumens. My rear red blinkers are mostly Cat Eye TL-LD610s and Smart Superflash rear blinkers. My helmet has a Sigma Micro red blinker attached behind.

Most of my bicycles have mirrors mounted on them. I also have an eyeglass mounted mirror I use sometimes.

Yes, I know. I am a bicycle commuting geek.

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The original version of this site is now at

And I USED to have a regular Friday column for TODAY newspaper.

Comments on this blog are moderated. This means that that when you post a comment, it goes into a holding area for me to approve. So if your comment does not show up immediately, do not fret. I assure you I will be very liberal in approving comments, but I will not tolerate spam, personal attacks, gratuitous profanity and racist attacks. My blog, my rules.

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Computer Details (because I am geek)

I have been an Apple user since 1990. During that time, I have owned a Mac SE, a Mac SE/30, a Mac IIcx, a Mac LCII that became a Mac LC475 later, a Mac IIfx, a Performa 550, a Mac Centris 660AV, a Mac Quadra 840AV, a Mac PowerMac 8100/80, a Powerbook G3 Pismo, and an Aluminium 15" PowerBook G4. There are probably some Macs I missed in that list, because there was a time I had a new Mac every 3 months. I even owned a Newton 110.

I personally use a Late-2013 27-inch iMac with a 27-inch Thunderbolt monitor. When I travel, I pack a Late-2013 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina.

At home, I game on an Alienware M17x hooked up to a 27-inch Philips monitor. The PC is for games only.


I make photographs with a Fuji X system and the Sony A7, and videos with a Canon 5D Mk II and more recently, with a GH3 m4/3 system. I am also a film buff and shoot mostly black and white film on a Voigtlander Bessa R4M and R3M. I own too many lenses to list here.


anime, xbox, japanese robot toys, iphone, gba and pc gaming, writing about my country, playing with my daughters, faith and joy, and my son isaac, cycling, lord of the rings movies, mobile phones, apple macintoshes, ps3.